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The evolution of Pinecone Studio...
Everyone has their story... here's ours.

     Jeff learned wood working from his father, he grew up in a family where there was always a project in progress. Michele grew up in a family who's motto was "if something needed to be done, do it yourself." Her mom shared her interests dabbling in all kinds of crafts, showing her how to sew and crochet. So when Jeff and Michele bough their first house, their true colors started to show. Now they had a space to upcycle their garage sale and flea market finds. So began the building of shelves, coffee tables, sewing of curtains, and the repurposing of "finds" for redecorating.

     Then, life got hectic, with the arrival of their sons. But now there were more little people who needed toys, train tables, and bookshelves to store books, and lofted beds. And the process started all over again... As Jeff built the boys were by his side, with plastic tools in hand, soon the boys had their own tools. Then Jeff got busy with career demands that called him away from home, but things needed fixing and small projects needed done, so the boys started helping and teaching Michele how to use the tools.

And then everything changed...

     Now Michele had some ideas of what projects entailed, and now the "Honey-Do" list grew. Jeff realizing that he could use Michele's new found skills invited her to help with the "Honey-Do" list. And Michele gained a new appreciation for how demanding the "Honey-Do" list really was. So the list turned into the "House Project" list, and Jeff and Michele started replacing and refinishing all the doors in the house, installed new floors, molding, and paint. (The Honey-Do list never completely vanished...)

    Now the boys are grown, and the demand to build new things has slowed. But Jeff and Michele still enjoy building and creating, and that is how we got to Pinecone Studio.

We hope you enjoy our collaborations as much as we enjoy creating them.

Jeff and Michele

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